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Red Copper Miniatures



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Primeval is a supplement for Tribal. You're able to play pre-historical tribes versus one another, or versus wild beasts!

Tribal is a miniatures-based skirmish game that uses a unique playing card dynamic to determine game outcomes. Instead of dice, a normal household pack of playing cards for everything, from movement distances, to unit cohesion, to combat outcomes.

This fast-play game can be completed in as little as 90mins, can be played with pretty much any single-based figure you have, and easily adapts to multiplayer games.

These rules can also be bundled with warbands of Arabs, Feudal Spanish, or Aztec miniatures sold right here on


We ship all our miniatures in cardboard, and packed in with shock-absorbing material to protect them from butterfingers couriers. It's better for the environment, and more useful to you! If the mini is too big for one of our standard boxes we'll find something close enough.

Care Instructions

All our miniatures are currently printed in standard, black, eSun resin (we think it gives the best detail). But the resin remains photosensitive. Once you receive your minis, either keep them in their box and out of sunlight, or assemble and undercoat them.

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