We're bringing the corner store back to wargaming.

It seems like wargaming has become the preserve of 'Big Gaming' these days, but 3D printing is making it more accessible to the little guy. Like us.

New figures

RKX have extended the Fallshirmjager range, and Reconquer Designs have updated for the month!

WW2 here we come!

3D Breed WW2

We now stock the Join or Die WW2 range of Germans and US GIs. They're great figures and are quite different to the usual 3D Breed range.

Green is my favourite colour!

RKX Fallshirmjager

The much-awaited RKX Fallschirmjäger are starting to be published, so they're on the site! Also Reconquer Designs has some new Berber Infantry and they're looking at beautiful as always.


Bulge Americans and Germans in Winter Gear

Interested in the Battle of Bulge? We're now selling the RKX Range of Americans and Germans in Winter uniform

Well, NUTS! Now I have to see!

Red Copper Arabs

A new line from Red Copper Miniatures, this time Arab Conquest! These are available in 15 and 28mm.

Well, Allahu Akbar!

RKX Miniatures

A beautiful range of 28mm WW2 miniatures. We've bought in the Canadian/Commonwealth range, and will see about the German and American Bulge Ranges if these are popular.

OMG I love WW2!

We're expanding into DnD!

After discovering STL Miniatures we're branching out a wee bit and opening a slot for fantasy and roleplay miniatures. Honestly, these are some mighty nice miniatures!

Sounds Dangerous, I'm in

The Old West

Join or Die has an amazing range of characters and terrain from the Old West of the US.

Tarnation! Show me them outlaws

3D Breed has arrived

We're now selling 3D Breed miniatures! The range will start with Classical Greeks, Macedonians, and Achaemenid Persians, but should expand over time.

Show me the minis!

DishDash Games

Potbelly Miniatures is now selling DishDash Games 28mm ultramodern infantry. We're ridiculously pleased to be carrying this range, which will slowly be complemented with vehicles.

DishDash Games

The Swedes are here!

Potbelly Miniatures is now a licenced retailer for SteelOxide 3D, a range of modern AFVs. We've started with the Swedes in 15mm, and hope to expand the range.

Show me them tanks

Warhammer 40k

We've printed a lot of parts for Warhammer, and thought you'd be interested. If you are, I've put a price list up on another page, so mash that button and come check them out.

40k Customisations

Sea Peoples, Hittites, Egyptians, and Hebrews now available!

Red Copper Miniatures has completed their latest Kickstarter, which means Potbelly we're selling the miniatures in 15 and 28mm!

Select Red Copper from the menu above to select from a wide range of miniatures

Yes! I need to refight Kadesh

Aztec warriors

Potbelly is now licenced to print Red Copper Miniatures' Aztec and Purépecha range! This is a gorgeous range of foot soldiers covering the height of the Aztec Empire. Come look at the minis!

I really need a painting challenge