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Azurael the Goat

Azurael the Goat

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In the darkest corners of the abyssal plane, where chaos reigns and malevolence thrives, two lesser demons, known as Azurael the Goat Demon and Razael the Shadowspawn, found themselves bound by an unexpected and peculiar alliance

Provided in semi-flexible red resin.


We ship all our miniatures in cardboard, and packed in with shock-absorbing material to protect them from butterfingers couriers. It's better for the environment, and more useful to you! If the mini is too big for one of our standard boxes we'll find something close enough.

Care Instructions

All our miniatures are currently printed in standard, black, eSun resin (we think it gives the best detail). But the resin remains photosensitive. Once you receive your minis, either keep them in their box and out of sunlight, or assemble and undercoat them.

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